Ok, so I had a dentist appointment today and they numbed the right side of my mouth to do a filling. When I get home, my fiancé wanted to see me try to drink a glass of water… So I did. This is a snippet of what happened LOL! My right side is still numb :(

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The truth is out there!

First, this collage is swiped from @piercertales on twitter. Here’s the deal: the top image is a screencap from a certain terrible piercing and tattoo show of a 71 surface anchor project done by a certain piercer that pretends to know what he’s doing, and thinks he’s above everyone else. This piercer then shopped that crap “3 months no rejection” emblem on there when he used it in his social media.

The bottom two images are photos taken by the actual client. The after shot is what that project looks like today. This is the truth of what giant surface anchor projects tend to turn into once they get to 6-12 months old. Especially on an area like an upper leg.

Don’t fall for the hype, this is the reality, not the so called “reality” shown in these shows.

This is what I have to do each time I purchase new jewellery for myself because I keep forgetting how many ear piercings I have and what jewellery fits the best LOL! I should dig out all my old ones I’ve done to see how much I’ve changed taste in jewellery :) I am buying more opal and other jewellery for my ears cause the opals I have at home arnt near enough to what I need so gonna stock up on more of the existing colours and buy more new ones :) if only I could afford enough anatometal or neometal to fill my ears up but is have to sell myself until I’m 100 to afford it lmfao!

This is a small bit of my horror collection :)
My family (mainly my sister) usually buys me a new doll every birthday :) I also made the eyeball men. The big photo frame is of Patrick Bateman in the chainsaw scene from American psycho 😝
Also my pimped out @trippytv figurines are hanging out with the rest :)
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